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July 2013

Fellow Gleeks, you’re probably all still mourning the tragic death of Cory Monteith (a.k.a Finn Hudson) just like I am and I find comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one youtubing/rewatching old episodes of Glee.

Instead of boring you with words about my favourite Finn Hudson moments, I found a site which has posted all the videos of what I think are Cory’s most stellar performances:

If anything this has reinforced how precious life is and how our choices determine where we end up. May something Cory once said stay with us forever…

“I’m lucky on so many counts – I’m lucky to be alive.”

Let’s not take that for granted


Move over Vampire Diaries! Let’s Welcome The Originals

Okay, so I know that many people call The Vampire Diaries a TV version of Twilight but come on, with Ian Somerhalder’s face and Paul Wesley’s abs who wouldn’t want to watch this show?! On a serious note, it has kicked up the drama and action since season one and I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt that watching the season three finale, and most of season four, was like being trapped on an emotional roller-coaster with no way of getting off!

Now it’s no secret that I bond with my TV characters. But I mean seriously bond. I spend weeks agonizing over the death of an individual and the wait between seasons can be downright excruciating, especially when the season finale of a show like The Vampire Diaries often climaxes with a cliffhanger ending that makes you want to pull your hair out in disbelief.

If you haven’t watched this series yet, I suggest you skip to the next paragraph as I am about to give away a **SPOILER**, but it’s something I need to write down as I am still struggling to come to terms with it… the death of Alaric Saltzman. This was one of those moments where I sat mouth open with tears streaming down my face until well after the episode had ended. Why Alaric? WHY?! And why do this to me a second time when he had already almost died once before! I think back and I still get a little bit emotional. I think what made this death so profound is seeing how it affected Damon. Seeing his heart break, just as much as mine did, was the cherry on top and I’m not even going to try and deny how much I weeped (or Tweeted the writers with some not-so-nice words).

The other confession I have to make is about my not so secret crush on Joseph Morgan – a.k.a. Klaus. I don’t know if it’s the accent or the charm but Klaus has a certain something that makes me wish he had way more screen time or at least his own show. Oh wait, he does! Everybody, round of applause for the new spin-off coming to our screens on October 15th:

The Originals

And we’ve all had a sneak preview of what’s to come. In season 4 Klaus heads back to New Orleans in an episode titled “The Originals” allowing for the perfect transition into a new series. But never fear VD fans, the Originals have not left the show for good and will still be crossing over to wreak their usual havoc in Mystic Falls. I for one cannot wait to sink my teeth into this juicy looking show, not only because I get to see more of Klaus, but also the fact that voodoo and witchcraft play an integral role and there’s nothing I like more than some good old fashioned witchy warfare!

So save the date kids! We’ve got ourselves a rendezvous with the Originals.

Don’t Stop Believing

Tragedy. That is the only word I could think of when I heard of the death of beloved Gleek Cory Monteith. Complete and utter tragedy. While this blog serves as a series guide for all you TV lovers out there, I had to pay homage to one of my favourite characters from Glee and this is the perfect place to do it. While what I have to write may seem sad or depressing, it may also serve as an incentive for those of you who haven’t watched Glee to do so – then you’ll really understand why this celebrity death has hit so hard.

My mum was the person that suggested I watch Glee when it first started. Those of you who know my wonderful mother, know that this is where I inherited my superhuman TV watching abilities. Without a moment’s hesitation, I added Glee to my series repertoire and thank Grilled Cheesus I did because it soon became one of the most special shows that I have ever watched. The messages that are driven home by this show are intense to say the least, and I have no doubt that many people all over the world felt inspired and even as special as I did when I watched the glee club perform some of my most beloved songs. More often than not I’m left with tears in my eyes as the melodious harmonies and superb voices of these kids fill my bedroom and sometimes even get me to sing along.

Then the news came. Cory Monteith passed away and nothing seemed to make sense. The tweets, news stories and Facebook posts about his death have been overwhelming as Gleeks all over the world attempt to comprehend how this could have happened. How can there be no more Finn Hudson? And while people will criticise us by saying that people have lost their son, their brother, their fiancé – why are we crying? There is something they must realize. We lost someone too. And he was more than just a TV character.

I may not have met Cory Monteith but the fact that his death has had such a profound impact on me, and millions of others all over the world, shows his true caliber as a performer. He was Glee and I don’t know how the show will ever be the same. I’m going to miss his glee club pep talks. I’m going to miss that goofy smile that becomes even goofier when he has an idea. I’m going to miss his awkward dance moves that would make me laugh. His voice that could transport me out of my house and to my happy place. He was wholesome and able to stir emotions in people of all ages and walks of life. Was… Even now I struggle to type that.

While my fellow Gleeks and I mourn the loss of a truly talented and wonderful young man, I urge the rest of you to get your hands on this show. Take it for what it is. Let it brighten your day like it always manages to brighten mine.

R.I.P. Cory Monteith

Because of you, we will never stop believing xx

What’s in a Name?

Over my countless series watching years, I’ve noticed how shows have a tendency to overlap here and there. To the untrained series watcher, nothing is amiss. However, square-eyed individuals such as myself are able to pick up on various little things – like how characters from different shows often share the same name. I’ve always wondered if the writers are too lazy to come up with new ones, or if they do this on purpose to give us TV addicts something to feel cool about.

How many of you have been in that situation where you realize that two characters from different shows share the same name? I know I get pretty giddy when I make the connection, except not a lot of people share my enthusiasm… I am often met with blank looks and apathy when I share my little golden nugget of news, but I feel like if you’re reading this blog you’ll be more appreciative of my ‘eureka’ moments. And if not, then I guess you can always just keep scrolling.

Now, I’m sure there are way more TV name doubles out there, but these are just the few that I have managed to pick up on:

Dr. Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy) vs. Dr. Shephard (Lost)

Chuck (Chuck) vs. Chuck (Gossip Girl) vs. Chuck (Pushing Daisies)

Eric Foreman (House) vs. Eric Forman (That 70’s Show)

Dr. Mark Sloan (Grey’s Anatomy) vs Dr. Mark Sloan (Diagnosis: Murder)

J.D. (Scrubs) vs J.D. (Charmed)

Rachel Green (Friends) vs Rachel Greene (E.R.)

Arya (Game Of Thrones) vs Aria (Pretty Little Liars) – we could even carry on by saying that Aria’s surname is Montgomery which is the same as Addison Montgomery from Grey’s/Private Practice but that might be taking it a bit too far.

Annie (Community) vs Annie (90210)

Ted (Scrubs) vs Ted (HIMYM)

Phoebe (Charmed) vs Phoebe (Friends)

Lois (Smallville) vs Lois (Malcolm in the Middle)

Whether it’s just coincidence or done on purpose, I can’t help but feel a slight sense of achievement when I make the connections between characters. It’s quite a fun little game to play and I would love to hear of any others you may know!

To the writers of these shows…

I see what you did there 😉

2 Broke Girl$

My close friends know that there’s one thing I love just as much as a good TV show – maybe even more. If they ever need to illicit a favour or get back into my good books, the remedy is extremely simple…


And what could be better than cupcakes and a TV show combined?! It’s like the writers knew me when they cooked up this hilariously addictive comedy. Welcome to the stage, my sweet new craving, 2 Broke Girls.

I misjudged this show the first time I watched it and it wasn’t until the second time I gave it a go that I truly fell in love with it. While the show has faced a lot of criticism for many of its jokes being overly sexual or of slightly offensive racial stereotypes – I think that is the main reason I like it. Does that make me a bad person? NO! I just appreciate the straightforward bluntness of the show that is easily translatable to reality. After all, many of Max’s witty one-liners have often crossed my own mind (especially when there are Hipsters involved).

If you haven’t watched the show, it follows the lives of roommates Max Black and Caroline Channing as they attempt to start up a cupcake business on their meager waitressing salaries. Max is the baker – and thus my cupcake idol – while Caroline has the business background necessary to help bring their business to fruition. The two characters contrast and compliment each other perfectly and while Max is used to being from the poor working class, it is amusing to watch as she tries to help Caroline (a former high society girl) adjust to having little to no money to spend.

Mix in the perverted jokes of the diner’s Ukrainian cook Oleg, Earl the cashier’s stories of his life as a jazz musician, the extremely short Korean owner Han Lee who tries too hard to be “hip” and the Polish bombshell Sophie and you have the perfect recipe for a show that will leave you in stitches for most, if not the entire of the 20 minutes it’s on.

I have already devoured the first two seasons and they have left such a sweet aftertaste that I can’t help but watch them again.

This time, with cupcakes.

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