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August 2013

This Is Not a Story About Forgiveness

I really should have listened when my friends told me to save Revenge for when I didn’t have a lot of work on my plate. I thought I knew better. How addictive could a show really be? I mean come on, I can watch every now and then when I have a break. It’s not going to be that hard to control myself.

Boy was I wrong.

This is what I got told about the show before I watched it (and to be honest, the description didn’t make it sound worth the hype): A girl’s father gets convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and the daughter makes it her mission to seek revenge on those who framed him. What people didn’t tell me is just how twisted and intense the story is and that the main character is orchestrating a full-blown vendetta from her cushy beach house, while new characters are constantly popping up and throwing a spanner in the works!

In short – I love it! I am a HUGE fan of Emily VanCamp from her Everwood days and I cannot picture anyone else pulling off the role of Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke quite like she does. And of course, where would an ABC TV show be without a love triangle, rebellious teenagers and hidden agendas so deep that you don’t know what could possibly happen next. There are so many devious characters in the show that before you can even blink, someone has removed the knife from their back and wiped it off before swiftly plunging it into the back of another.

I am currently halfway through season one – did I mention that I started watching it yesterday – and I cannot wait to see how the story pans out. I always get nervous with these kinds of shows where there’s someone wrecking havoc from behind the scenes (think Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl). It can quickly go from captivating, to drawn out and tiresome, as you wonder how many more of the same things can happen to the same people. I only hope that this show doesn’t suffer the same fate.

It’s true what they say – Revenge is sweet.

And I’m off to go get myself another taste.

Hart of Dixie

Hi. My name is Little Miss Square Eyes and I am in love with a fictional town in Alabama and all of its inhabitants. There! I said it! And those of you who have watched the delightful show Hart of Dixie, undoubtedly feel the same way.

Now, while I am going to be criticised by various male acquaintances for blogging about yet ANOTHER girly TV show, I just couldn’t help myself. This show has been my comfort for the past few weeks and I am trying to dull my Hart-ache by counting down the days until the third season premieres in October.

Being a huge fan of The OC, I was ecstatic to see that Rachel Bilson was finally going to be in a series all of her own (Guys, this could be a reason for you to get into it?). She plays aspiring surgeon Zoe Hart, who ends up in the quaint town of Bluebell Alabama in order to work on her bedside manner and compassion for patients. Of course it involves a classic love triangle, an arch-enemy hell-bent on chasing Zoe out of town and some of the cutest pairs of shorts I have ever seen!!

I’m sure that many will say that the show is predictable and often follows the same pattern – Zoe messes up, Zoe has to fix it, Zoe learns a lesson – I feel that the unique sparkle of each character, and the charisma of that made up little town, outweigh any holes that people try to poke in the plot. I find myself laughing through entire episodes and even identifying on some level with the crazy antics that befall Zoe each week. I will even admit that I now have a certain fondness for country music!

While I’ve probably bored male readers to death (will mentioning Rachel Bilson is short shorts help?), I encourage all you romantics out there to pursue this show. It is, quite simply, exquisite and will leave you with a smile on your face, a hop in your step and most likely a catchy country tune on your lips.

Welcome to Bluebell. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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